YHBHS Inteview:
Daniel Emma
Design Studio

History of Daniel Emma Design Studio?
We met whilst studying Industrial Design at the University of South Australia. After both graduating in 2007, we spent almost 2 years gaining experience with various design studios in London, such as Marc Newson, Thorsten Van Elten and Committee. From here we established Daniel Emma and exhibited our first collection ‘shapes’ in London and Tokyo. After moving back home (Adelaide), we then returned to London to exhibit our second collection ‘solids’ last year. We have just launched our new collection for 2010 ‘basics’.

During this time we have been listed by Wallpaper* magazine in 2009 as one of the recent design graduates to watch as well as coming runners up in last years Bombay Sapphire Australian Design Discovery award, the most prestigious design award in Australia.

In your solids collection, I am particularly enamored of the light! Can you talk about how and why this light came to be? The materials you used? Do they come in different colors?
With the solids collection each object is based around two basic forms, for the light it is a cylindrical extrusion with a cone on top. We aren’t exactly sure how it came into being we just played around with shapes and forms until we reached something we were happy with.

Daniel, a KFC chef, and Emma, a unicorn.

Rubberband ball? Wow! How did this come about? I almost see this as a sculpture first. Do you ever view any of your objects as more sculpture, and less utilitarian?

Rubberband ball came about in much the same way as the light. We wanted to design something a bit different, but still simple and appealing. Sometimes (actually most of the time) our ideas just hit us in the face! They don’t come from anywhere in particular they are just hiding somewhere in our brains! It would be nice to have a more sophisticated approach then this but that’s the reality .

Your new “basic” line is well, just perfect. the paperweight reminds me of arik levy’s forms, but i love the scale of your works. Any particular artists that you are currently obssesed with? iI the future, do you see your work ever getting larger in scale?
We are a bit overwhelmed by anything big! So for the time being we will stick to what we know best. There aren’t any artists we are inspired by as such. We are obsessed with Wes Anderson films and anything from Studio Ghibli.

I’m not sure if “Silly Putty” was universal, but as a kid I was a obsessed with Silly Putty. The texture, the cold feel, the ability to pull ink off of a newspaper, and how it bounced. Anything as a kid you were obssesed with that you still remember?

We were obsessed by:,Daniel – Chicago Bulls, and Emma- tuna and lettuce sandwiches and collecting fossils and Jurassic Park.